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Sterilization process optimization and validation and products packaging design and validation are critical and indispensable process for products designers and patient care providers.

Taryag-Sterilization welcomes healthcare industry members to experience customer and products oriented sterilization process optimization and validation and sterile products packaging design and validation. The combination of our vast healthcare industry knowledge, experience, creativity and continuance growth brings customer oriented comprehensive solutions and technologies to medical device designers, medical device manufacturers and patient care providers. Through our Ethylene Oxide Sterilization technology and packaging validation technologies, we aim at providing unbiased and valid processes design, based on the unique and individual requirements of each of our customer’s products


Taryag-Sterilization excels at sterilization process development starting from cycle design based on product unique characteristics through cycle optimization and protocol generation. Our core technology services includes, in addition, the design and implementation of shelf life and packaging validation process for sterile products and devices.

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