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TARYAG – In Judaism heritage the Hebrew acronym TARYAG stands for the numerological value of the number 613.

The human body comprises 248 organs, coinciding with the number imperative commandments that human must perform, and 365 sinews coinciding with the number of prohibitive commandments which must not be performed.

Thus, in Judaism heritage, the term TARYAG represents the holistic human body and the system governing the human soul.

Founded in 2015, Taryag senior level management carries over 15 years of experience in the fields of design and development, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance and sterilization processes. The company has adopted a strategy to become a leading contract sterilization service provider putting ahead to achieve superior relationship with its customers and an emphasis on providing improved services, capabilities and technologies.

Taryag-Sterilization has emerged from Taryag-Medical which developed an advanced medical device for treating vascular diseases and is now at the phase of clinical evaluation. Together with Taryag Labs, these 3 companies form Taryag Group.

The vision of TARYAG group is to provide technology services and to develop advanced and innovative medical devices for healing the human body, and to serve its customers in the spirit of the heritage and tradition values: dignity, integrity, reliability and moral principles.

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